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          Research and development    
          Chemical analysis High-temperature sample Electronic balance
          Experiment study Mechanics test BET Assay
          International exchange    
          Production Equipment    
          Preparation of Ceramics Materials Preparation of Ceramics Materials Production of Ceramic Balls
          Production of metallic packing Production of Activated Alumina Production of Plastic packing
          Workshop of Ceramics Firing Shape of molecular sieves Pit Furnace of Molecular Sieves
          Add: Xiangdong Ceramic Industrial Park, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province  Chairman: Xv Huaisheng +86-13907993138 General manager:Zhang Mingli +86-13907999263
          Tel: +86-799-3411918  Fax: +86-799-3412668  E-mail: pcp@sino-packing.com  P.C.: 337022  
          Pingxiang Petrochemical Packing Co., Ltd. Copyright(C)2015 Supported by?ChemNet?ChinaChemNet?Toocle